List price: $650.00
4L60-60E Input Housing Kit with H.D. Input Shaft
Product #: 77733-10K

4L60, 4L60E Input Housing Kit with Heavy Duty Input Shaft

This assembly addresses 6 weak areas of the GM 4L60 & 4L60E input housing. Designed to fit 298mm units. See note at bottom of page for 300mm units.

  • Input housing with 298mm input shaft assembly
  • PTFE impregnated rear stator support bushing
  • Input drum reinforcement sleeve installed
  • Overrun piston inner seal
  • Overrun piston
  • 3-4 clutch apply plate
  • 3-4 clutch return springs
  • Bolt-on anchor plate
  • Overrun piston outer seal
  • Socket head cap screws (15)


  • Part #77733-10K fits 298mm units only
  • Part #77733-11K fits 300mm Non-Reluctor units
  • Part #77733-12K fits 300mm Reluctor units