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TF727 Sportsman Planetary Assembly
Product #: K127500B or E

TF727 Four Pinion Low Drag Geartrain Assembly- #K127500B (1975 & Older) or #K127500E (1976-93)

This Low Drag Geartrain Assembly features the following:

  • 4 enclosed Torrington needle bearing assemblies.
  • New front planetary steel top hat - for maximum spline strength.
  • Radial ball bearing output support made from billet steel.
  • Stock ratio 2:45/1:45
  • Roller bearing installed in a refurbished O.E.M. 1st/Reverse drum reduces friction.
  • TCS governor elimination sleeve.
  • Lightened park gear.

Note: For use with manual valve body or transbrake valve body transmissions only.


4 Pinion Sportsman Planetary Assembly

When ordering, please refer to the following table for correct part number:

  • K127500B......... 4 Pinion set........1962-75   
  • K127500E......... 4 Pinion set........1976-93

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